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Badoo is a giant in the dating app world, boasting a massive international user base. Think of it as a hybrid of a traditional dating app mixed with the social connection focus of platforms like Facebook. While it can facilitate romantic connections, it’s also about meeting new people, making friends, and expanding your social circle.

Who Is Badoo For?

  • Open to Possibilities: Badoo suits those open to various connection types, from casual chats to serious relationships.
  • Internationally Minded: Its massive global user base makes it appealing if you’re interested in connecting with people worldwide.
  • City Dwellers: Badoo shines in urban areas with a high density of users.
  • Younger Crowd: Attracts a primarily younger demographic, particularly those in their 20s and 30s.

How Does Badoo Work?

  1. Profile Creation: Share your basics, interests, and what you’re seeking. Badoo encourages photo uploads.
  2. Encounters Game: Swipe through profiles (similar to Tinder), indicating ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’.
  3. People Nearby: See users in your general location, filterable by various criteria.
  4. Communication: Send messages, and take advantage of video chat features.
  5. Boosting Visibility You can purchase credits for more visibility on the platform.


Badoo offers a freemium model. Basic membership is free, but severely limited. For a true experience, consider Badoo Premium:

Subscription TierPrice (approx.)Features
1 Month$30/monthSee who liked you, undo last swipe, featured profile
3 Months$25/monthAll the above with cost savings
6 Months$20/monthEven better value for the same features
Lifetime$150 (one-time)Permanent access to premium features

Member Structure

  • Massive User Base: Badoo boasts hundreds of millions of users worldwide.
  • Age Range: Primarily 18-35, but offers options for older users.
  • Gender Balance: Fairly balanced, with slightly more men active.

Usage by Area

Badoo excels in highly populated areas – big cities will offer the greatest number of potential connections. Its international scope also means even users in less populated areas might find matches from other countries.

User Interface

Badoo’s interface is bold and colorful, focusing on large profile pictures:

  • Swiping Focused: The “Encounters” game is similar to Tinder.
  • Navigation Tabs: Easily switch between matching, messages, and profile.
  • Social Features: Ability to share updates or see what’s happening near you.

The Badoo Experience

  • Volume Over Depth: You’ll encounter a vast number of profiles, but quality can vary.
  • Emphasis on Looks: Initial matching is heavily image-based.
  • Playful and Flirtatious: The atmosphere can feel more lighthearted compared to some relationship-focused apps.

Pros and Cons

Huge user base = more connectionsFocus on appearance, casual chats may dominate
International reachCan be overwhelming due to the sheer volume
Fun and easy to useFree version is very limiting


I’ve heard mixed things about online dating safety. Is Badoo a safe platform?

Badoo takes user safety seriously. However, like any online platform with a massive user base, it’s crucial to be proactive about protecting yourself. Here’s how to stay safe on Badoo:

  • Privacy Is Power: You have full control over the personal information you share on your profile, and who gets to see it. Take the time to explore those privacy settings!
  • Trust Your Gut: If someone’s behavior makes you uncomfortable, even if you can’t pinpoint why, don’t hesitate to unmatch, block, or report them.
  • Spot the Red Flags: Be wary of profiles that seem too good to be true, users rushing to move conversations off-platform, or anyone asking for money or financial details.
  • Badoo’s Tools: The app offers photo verification, profile reporting, and easy-to-use blocking features. Don’t hesitate to use them.
  • Smart Dating Practices: Always be cautious meeting in person for the first time. Choose a public place, and let a friend know where you’re going.

Is Badoo strictly for casual hookups, or can I find a real relationship there?

Badoo’s appeal is its flexibility. What you find depends partly on what you’re looking for. Some people use Badoo primarily for casual encounters, while others successfully find lasting friendships, relationships, and even marriage partners. Here’s how to set yourself up for success:

  • Be Honest in Your Bio: Clearly state your intentions upfront, whether it’s lighthearted chats, making new friends, or seeking a relationship.
  • Use Filters Wisely: Badoo allows you to filter matches based on their indicated relationship goals.
  • Proactive Conversations: Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what the other person is looking for and share your own desires openly.

Can I use Badoo effectively without paying?

The free version of Badoo is functional but very restrictive. You’ll get a taste of the platform, but for the full experience, an upgrade to Badoo Premium is essential. Here’s the difference:

  • Free: Limited swipes per day, you can’t see who liked you, and messaging popular members can be difficult.
  • Premium: Unlimited swipes, see who liked you, undo previous swipes, message anyone you like, and get featured for added visibility.


  • Tinder: Also swipe-based, similar young demographic.
  • Bumble: Women make the first move, slightly different vibe.
  • Facebook Dating: Integrated into your existing Facebook profile.

Conclusion: Should You Dive Into Badoo?

Badoo offers a unique blend of social networking and dating. Its massive user base and global reach provide an undeniable advantage if you’re open to a wide range of experiences, from fun flirty chats to something potentially more serious with people from all corners of the world.

Here’s how to decide if Badoo is right for you:

  • Your Dating Style: If you thrive with plenty of options and prefer a swipe-based format emphasizing quick initial impressions, Badoo might be your playground.
  • Location Matters: Badoo shines in big cities. If you live in a less populated area, the pool of local matches might be smaller.
  • Mindset: Be prepared for a platform where image plays a big role and playful interactions are the norm.
  • Serious or Casual?: Badoo can work for both, but be upfront about what you’re seeking to avoid mismatched expectations.

Badoo might not be the ideal choice for those seeking in-depth profiles or deep conversations from the start. However, if you’re an open-minded adventurer looking for new connections, friendships, or maybe even love with a vast international crowd, Badoo offers a portal to a world of possibilities.

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