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A Guide to Modern Online Dating Lingo

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Online dating has revolutionized the way we search for love and connection… and created a whole new language to describe the unique frustrations and behaviors it has spawned. Think of it as a secret codebook for surviving the digital dating jungle. Let’s decode some of the most common (and cringe-worthy) terms and understand why they’ve become frustratingly widespread.

Term: Ghosting

  • Definition: The disappearing act. When someone you’ve been chatting with or even dating abruptly vanishes without explanation. Poof! Like a slightly rude ghost.
  • Why It’s the Worst: It leaves the ghosted person feeling confused, disrespected, and wondering if they accidentally downloaded ‘Invisible Man: The Dating App’.
  • Humorous Example: “I’m starting to think he wasn’t a real person, maybe just a glitch in the app algorithm with a surprisingly good opening line.”

Term: Breadcrumbing

  • Definition: Leading someone on with intermittent, minimal signs of interest. Think scattered breadcrumbs, just enough to keep you tantalized but never truly satisfied.
  • Why It’s Infuriating: It plays with emotions and wastes your time. Perfect recipe for frustration!
  • Humorous Example: “Got a three-word text at 2 AM. Does that count as commitment, or should I wait for another one before updating my relationship status?”

Term: Catfishing

  • Definition: Creating a fake persona online to deceive potential partners. Could involve stolen photos, elaborate lies, the whole nine yards.
  • Why It’s Always Bad: Built on dishonesty and potentially harmful in extreme cases. If their entire profile seems too good to be true…it probably is.
  • Humorous Example: “Her profile said she was a world-renowned astrophysicist/supermodel. Turns out, the only stars she aligned with were in her cat’s eyes.”

Term: Benching

  • Definition: Keeping someone interested but ‘on the sidelines’. They want to preserve their options while stringing you along, just in case something “better” doesn’t pan out.
  • Why It’s a Low Blow: Creates false hope and prevents you from investing in matches who genuinely want to connect.
  • Humorous Example: “Feeling like the last player picked for dodgeball. I’m on the team, but nobody ever passes me the ball.”

More Quirky Dating Terms to Know

TermDefinitionHumorous Example
Cuffing SeasonThe cold-weather phenomenon where the desire for a partner to cozy up with spikes dramatically.“My friends are on high alert for any potential ‘cuffing’ candidates before the first snowfall.”
SituationshipThat hazy in-between space of more than friends, less than committed.“We’re in a situationship… and by that, I mean the situation is confusing AF.”
OrbitingLiking your social media posts, maybe dropping a comment, but never actually engaging in direct conversation.“He’s orbiting me from a safe distance – close enough to notice, but not close enough to connect.”

Why This Lingo Even Exists

Modern dating often exists in a gray zone of fast swiping and fleeting connections. These terms emerge to describe behaviors spurred by these dynamics:

  • The Ease of Disappearance: Online apps make ghosting easier than an in-person goodbye.
  • Fear of Commitment: Many crave connection but shy away from vulnerability, leading to breadcrumbing and benching.
  • The Illusion of Choice: Endless profiles create a fear of missing out on someone theoretically better.


While the terminology of online dating may evoke frustration, gaining familiarity with these terms equips you with essential knowledge. Though poetic, the urge to hurl your phone into the nearest body of water is not recommended. Delve into these terms to navigate the digital dating landscape with confidence. Don’t let ghosters, breadcrumbers, or catfish dampen your enthusiasm. Approach modern dating with a healthy dose of self-respect, a dash of cynicism, and a keen eye for genuine connections. And remember, if someone’s idea of a heartfelt conversation is intermittent emojis and a meme sent at 3 AM, they’re probably not your happily-ever-after anyway. Chin up, have a good laugh at the absurdity of it all, and keep swiping (or don’t!) in the direction of what feels right for YOU.

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